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Infotrend, Nexan and AIC Web Servers

99.99% Uptime

Our web servers have some of the best uptime in the industry. We simply can't be beat!


All of the hardware we sell works with a variety of platforms including WordPress, Microsoft, Linux, and more.

Amazingly Fast

Not only are the web servers we sell fast, but they are also reliable too. They are some of the fastest servers you can get!

SSD Drives

All of the servers that we have come with SSD drives to increase reliability and speed.

Simple, INTUITIVE Pricing. Always.

Our pricing plans are simple and intutitive so you always know what you're getting. Options are laid out clearly and there are also custom plans available.


In you're interested in operating your own web server hardware, that's also an option.



This plan is enough for most small websites or apps

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If you're interested in more space, you might want to jump to this plan

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This is the biggest plan for businesses that need more power

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Looking for something simple to get started ?



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Looking for a domain? We can help with that too!

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Services Offered

No matter what you're looking for online in terms of hosting and servers, we've got you covered!

  • Web Hosting

    Web hosting is one of our favorite things to sell, and it's something we stake our reputation on. All web servers are lightning fast!

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  • Domain Names

    Having the right domain name can make all the different in the world! Don't forget to make sure and register yours today!

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  • File Exchange FTP

    We offer file systems rental so that you can go ahead and transfer files for business or personal use.

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  • Dedicated Server

    Sometimes a shared server is not enough, and in this case you can buy or rent a dedicated server with much more power.

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  • Server Hardware

    We also offer server hardware that can be bought and used to run websites, web applications and more.

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  • SSL Certificates

    It's important to secure your website and make sure that hackers can't evesdrop on your data. This can be done with an SSL certificate.

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About Us

Adjile Web Servers and Systems is a vendor of web servers and other types of rack mount hardware. We also offer web hosting and a variety of other web related services.

Our entire goal has been to provide the best quality web hosting hardware for as long as we can remember. We thing that you'll like our products and love our service.

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